A better way to manage your peer-reviewed journal

How we do it

Online workflow and a people-first approach

Our people-first approach ensures that your authors, editors, reviewers, and staff experience an efficient editorial process every single day.

Expertise in ScholarOne™ and Editorial Manager™

Our years of experience and "best practices" know-how allow us to provide first-class editorial process management.

Cost saving

We manage the online editorial process efficiently and at tremendous cost savings, thereby allowing society/publisher staff to focus on other important activities.


  • Daily Editorial Management
  • Editorial Workflow Consulting
  • Guidance on Online Peer Review Software Implementation
  • Training of Editors and Staff on Peer Review Systems
  • Reporting

Aegis Clients



  • We began working with Taylor & Aegis at a time when we needed additional expertise for our growing journal. Taylor stepped In, analyzed our needs and put a plan in place to help solve some critical issues and to position us well for the long term. Several years later, he continues to be an essential and amiable resource to our editors, reviewers, authors, publishing staff and society.
    Pam Towne
    Publications Director, North American Spine Society
  • Taylor Bowen has been invaluable in helping to manage the peer review of the Journal of Arthroplasty.Through his contributions, we have decreased the turnaround time for reviews and decreased the time for Editors to make their first decisions, all while in the midst of unprecedented growth in the number of submissions to the Journal.
    John Callaghan, MD
    Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Arthroplasty
  • I can't say enough about Taylor as our managing editor at TSJ. He is hardworking, diligent, intelligent, and forward-thinking. He has not only been open to ideas to improve workflow he continues to make critical suggestions to me as Editor in Chief to improve the journal, its content, and the process of moving manuscripts through review. His knowledge of online manuscript management has been critically important. Furthermore, Taylor's work with other journals has given us at TSJ a great perspective on what works (and what doesn't). In short, Taylor, and his assistant Abby, are excellent.
    Christopher M. Bono
    Editor-in-Chief, The Spine Journal
  • I am also indebted to Taylor Bowen. He has been phenomenal as well. I wish I had a dime for every time I've turned to him, and I wish I had a dime for every time he responded -- always competently -- within nanoseconds or so it seems.”“You are a master prompter -- knowing how to nudge without angering them -- and even making them laugh. That's a gift."
    Katherine Verdolini
  • I highly recommend Aegis Peer Review Management as an editorial office and peer review partner. Their team provides high-quality editorial office management, author and reviewer support, and editor training across many of our journals. Feedback from our editors, authors, and publisher staff is unanimously, and overwhelmingly positive. Their team is highly skilled, flexible, and able to step in at a moment’s notice. It’s an enormous weight off my shoulders to know that they are on the job.
    Senior Manager, Peer Review Operations
  • Thank you for your continued efforts in expediting the review of our manuscript. Yesterday I received an e-mail indicating a favorable decision on this manuscript. The co-authors and I would like to extend our appreciation to you for your assistance.
    Author, Estuaries and Coasts